Fun Creative Projects to Try in Your Apartment

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Looking for something different and stimulating to do this spring? Then indulge in some creative activities within the privacy of your apartments in Oakland. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative type, it’s definitely worth incorporating these types of activities in your life. You will benefit by minimizing your stress levels by creating a new outlet to express yourself. Why not consider some of these ideas when it comes to centering yourself while creating something new?

1. Write something. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer” or it’s been a while, just take out a blank sheet of paper and write about whatever enters your mind. Write without judgment and interruptions, allowing yourself to get into the flow. And if you end up coming up with a solid piece, consider pitching it to Forth Magazine, a literary magazine in Los Angeles currently open for submissions.

2. Paint a picture. For inspiration on abstract pieces, check out contemporary artist Darren Downing. Get a blank canvass, free up an afternoon, and put on some relaxing music to get in the zone.

3. Create some sounds and possibly a song on Garage Band, an app you can download on your phone or your computer.

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